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English Under-14 Championship

The English Under-14 Championship was given an overhaul at the start of the 2019/20 season to help encourage more players in this age group to participate in events.

Events begin with club-based qualifiers, run by a club’s regular coach or tournament director, predominantly at venues with an established junior set-up.

2019 English Under-14 champion Stan Moody

Key Facts (2019/20)

Stage One

  • Club-based qualifiers around the country during October and November
  • Players aged under 14 on the 31st December 2019 can enter one event of their choice
  • Entry must be made through the EPSB website
  • Entry fee £5
  • A minimum of eight players must enter for an event to go ahead
  • Two players will qualify for the next stage from each event
  • Further players may be invited to the next stage at the discretion of the EPSB, based on total entries for a club event and number of club events in total

Stage Two

  • Players qualifying from Stage One will take part in a North or South event (14th/15th December)

Stage Three

  • Players qualifying from Stage Two will take part in a national last 16 event (16th May)

Stage Four

  • Players qualifying from Stage Four will take part in a national final event (27th/28th June)

Prize Money

Winner £250

Runner-up £125

Semi-finalist £70

Quarter-finalist £35

Highest Break £50 (Shared if equal high breaks are made. If a player makes the same high break more than once, each break will count towards an individual share of the prize)

Previous Winners

2019 – Stanley Moody

2018 – Paul Deaville

2017 – Olly Gibbs

2016 – Ryan Davies

2015 – Hamim Hussain

2014 – Hamim Hussain

2013 – Joseph Reynolds

2012 – Shane Castle

2011 – Louis Heathcote

2010 – Shane Castle

2009 – Oliver Lines

2008 – Joel Walker

2007 – Sam Craigie

2001 – Ben Woollaston